Krzysztof Knittel – sampler, synthesizer

Jerzy Kornowicz – piano, synthesizer

Ryszard Latecki – trumpet, harmonium, percussion instruments

Mieczysław Litwiński – vocal, violin, cithern, harmonium, period and ethnic instruments

Tadeusz Sudnik – electronic media, grooveboxes, sound effects

Tadeusz Wielecki – double bass


THE MUD CAVALIERS Group was formed in 2001. It has undertaken a series of intuitive actions and compositions created live in a variety of unusual circumstances, such as forests or meadows. Performances of the Mud Cavaliers combine free-jazz tradition with intuitive and composing activities. Therefore, the Group gathers specialists in shaping the musical space: playing, experienced composers, improvisers, and other difficult to be classified musicians, let’s call them: alternative. Meeting such a wide spectrum of musicians creates unique musical values. The ensemble consists of (in alphabetical order): Krzysztof Knittel – composer of contemporary music and electronics instrumentalist, Jerzy Kornowicz – composer of contemporary music and improvising pianist, Ryszard Latecki – alternative improviser – trumpeter, Mieczysław Litwiński – composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tadeusz Sudnik – one of the most renowned Polish animators and creators of electronic music, Tadeusz Wielecki – improvising composer and bassist.

In collaboration with the Mud Cavaliers Group perform:

in the field of special active visual projections (analog) -  Krzysztof Owczarek – Cinemanual

in the field of creative sound projection – Andrzej Kijanowski


PREVIOUS PROJECTS by The Mud Cavaliers

THE MUD CAVALIERS (KAWALEROWIE BŁOTNI – ordered by Culture and Education Association, premiere 2001), OKOPOWA RIDE (JAZDA OKOPOWA – 2003), FUMES (OPARY – order and premiere by Warsaw Musical Meetings – 2004), PARABLES (PRZYPOWIEŚCI – order and premiere by Audio Art Festival – 2004), RIVER PARABLES (PRZYPOWIEŚCI RZECZNE – ordered by “Ja Wisła” Foundation, premiere – July 2005), CAVALRY SONGBOOK (ŚPIEWNIK KAWALERYJSKI – ordered by association of authors ZAiKS, premiere – 2005), WOODS (KNIEJE – order and premiere by Musica Polonica Nova Festival – February 2006), SCENES OF INFINITY (SCENY Z BEZKRESU – order and premiere by Warsaw Autumn Festival 2006), ABLANATANALBA (witch Orchestra of Warsaw Academy of Music – order and premiere by Ad Libitum Festival 2006), LE CHEVALIER CHOPIN PAR KAWALEROWIE BŁOTNI (ordered by National Fryderyk Chopin Institute, premiere – December 2006), ARCHIPELAG CHOPIN (order and premiere by Chopin and his Europe Festival – Lipiec 2007), GDYBYŚ CZŁOWIECZE UWAŻAŁ U SIEBIE – mystery concert for Polish ‘Wypominki’, together with Szabolcs Esztenyi (Camaldolese Basement, Warsaw, 1st of November 2008), MUSIC OF THE CITY (MUZYKA MIASTA – ordered by City Warsaw, premiere – December 2008), SONOSPHERE (SONOSFERA – ordered and premiere by InfoQultura, Warsaw, October 2009), PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION (OBRAZKI Z WYSTAWY – ordered by ISCM – Polish Section; a concert in “Partytury Fotograficzne”  series on the occasion of 170 years of Photography jubilee; premiere – November 2009), STRAIGHT FROM THE OVEN (PROSTO Z PIECA – Cavalry Mazurkas (ordered and premiere by All Mazurkas of the World Festival, April 2010).