4 October, 2011 – 19:00

Glinka Museum of Musical Culture in Moscow

Fadeeva 4, Moscow

“SON((O))SPHERE – Metropolis and the Myths”

- Szymanowski & The Mud Cavaliers

The SON((O))SPHERE performances by the Mud Cavaliers & Guests will take place in four different capital cities of Europe: Moscow, Minsk, Berlin and Brussels. The project uses the sound landscape, photographs and video recordings of the cities where concerts are to be performed. One of those cities is Moscow, as the tune of the concert is going to be built with its sounds (transmitted live via microphones set outside the concert venue)  weaved live into music composition and also other sounds of Moscow (recorded earlier and transformed during the concert). The music performance is to be accompanied by special analog projections prepared particularly for, and referring to the history and present days of the city .

The SON((O))SPHERE is an intuitive composition penetrating relationship between music of different sources (contemporary music, free jazz, noise, electronic and world music) and a musical landscape of Moscow. Instruments involved are traditional (acoustic) and electronic, resulting in composition that appears as a colorful, modern fresco.

Into the construction of this spectacle there are to be entered some musical quotations from “Myths” by Karol Szymanowski. The performance will include images, poetry and social ideas of Moscow, and its composition will reflect the character of the city and refer to life in it – this is where the three thematic parts of the composition come from: Shape (illumination, shape, structure), Lure (sensuality, impression), solitude (loneliness, closure, isolation). Each of these parts is colored by quotes from Karol Szymanowski’s “Myths”, entitled: “The Fountain of Arethusa”, “Dryads and Pan” and “Narcissus”.

 The first performance of the SON((O))SPHERE work took place in October 2009 in InfoQultura Gallery, in Warsaw. The tune was built with sounds of Constitution Square (transmitted live via microphones set outside the Gallery) weaved live into music composition and also of other sounds of Warsaw recorded earlier and transformed during the concert. The concert itself was accompanied by analog projections by Cinemanual. Both, the musical composition and the visual artwork, constituted a specific story of Warsaw and, putting this idea into even wider perspective, a story of Warsaw as a part of the Universum. A figurative one though, as it  made use of contemporary musicianship and artistic workshop.

To see short documentation of the Warsaw SON((O))SPHERE performance – click: SON((O))SPHERE Warsaw

 Now the SON((O))SPHERE is to be performed in other cities and each time it is going to differ from previous one (both in visual artwork and musically). Just like sound spaces and landscapes of each city differ from one another, however, the idea of the SON((O))SPHERE work remains unite for all of its performances, and by the context of Szymanowski’s works, the whole spectacle becomes an expression of emotional bond and shared feelings.